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The Trojan horse virus is one of the most common attacks that cybercriminals use to make money online. The name Trojan is derived from the Trojan horse, which was a gift for the people of Troy from Greek. The Trojan horse was a huge hollow wooden sculpture with Greek soldiers inside on a mission to bring down Troy. This virus is referred to as Trojan because it hides inside your computer under genuine files, making it hard to detect.


How does the Trojan Virus access my computer?

One of the easiest ways this virus can access your computer is by downloading program files from unsafe sites or emails. Once you have installed the program hiding the Trojan virus, it interferes with the normal functioning of your computer and, at the same time giving the hacker access to your computer. All this can happen without you realizing it. By gaining backdoor access to your computer, a hacker has full access to your computer and can access all your vital data, including passwords and banking details.

One of the steps that hackers use to gain access to your computer using the virus fully is by creating a fake WiFi connection similar to the one you are already using. Once you enter the password, the hacker gains full access to your computer through the network. For that reason, you must take full precautions when using WiFi connections, especially ones used in public places like restaurants.


How does Trojan affect my computer?

One of the first things you will notice if a Trojan virus has attacked your computer is that it will become slow. In addition to that, you will experience endless pop-up messages, some promoting certain brands while others are requesting you to install certain programs. You will also realize endless system error reports that make it impossible to accomplish anything through your computer.

A hacker can remotely control your computer if you get your PC infected with a Trojan horse virus. This is very risky because some hackers will use your computer to commit other cybercrimes. In the end, you can be in trouble since the activities will be tracked to your computer and not the hacker. The level of damage that the Trojan horse virus can do to your hard drive can be extensive that you may not be able to use your computer anymore.


How to get rid of Trojan

Getting rid of the Trojan computer virus is easy since all you need to do is delete the infected file. However, the hard part usually is to locate the infected file. The good news is, it is still possible to get rid of the virus by yourself. You may need to scan your computer using an antivirus, or if you are using windows 10, the windows defender can do the job. It is, however, not a guarantee that your scanning alone can completely take care of your problems. You may need to do other things like deleting temporary files and using CMD commands to eliminate the virus.

There are some situations whereby the virus does so much damage to your computer that it makes it is impossible to recover without advanced IT skills. Your best solution is to find a reliable PC fixer to help you redeem your computer in such a situation. Remember that the impact of a computer virus on your PC depends on the hacker’s motive. Some only want to spy, while others want to steal from you and completely disable your computer. There have been instances whereby a computer virus forces one to change their hard drives due to extensive damage by a virus.


How to protect my computer from virus attacks

As already mentioned, the Trojan virus finds its way to your computer by visiting and downloading files from unsafe sites. One of the first steps of protecting your computer from this malware is by avoiding suspicious websites. If you have to install a new program on your computer, it is best to get it directly from a genuine developer. Although many people are not for purchasing software, the cracked versions usually are the greatest bearers of viruses.



It is said that the rate of cyber-crime is on a constant increase, and that is a good reason always to make sure that you are safe online. It is highly recommended that you first protect yourself using a good antivirus or ensure that your windows firewalls are always up and active. In a situation whereby you suspect that you have been hacked and you can’t seem to solve the problem, you have no choice but to visit the nearest computer repairs services. The good news is, there are plenty of experts in Melbourne like ICT Asyst who can quickly recover your computer.