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It is still hard to decide the best computer OS between iOS and Windows. There are different outcomes for people who have used both since some prefer windows while others prefer iOS. If you are looking forward to buying a new computer and you don’t know which OS to go for, we will help you make a better decision by giving you an in look to what each OS entails.

As for companies and advance tech experts, developing a custom OS usually is the best way to get the job done. This requires advanced knowledge about operating systems and what needs to be achieved.



The MAC computer is a remarkable device that is known for its high performance. Note that IOS is not only available for computers but, it is the same operating system that is found in iPhones and any device that is developed by Apple.

Benefits of using MAC iOS

  • Consistent operating system and hardware integration
  • Lesser malware and other security issues- due to the promotion of the apple store, Apple can keep MAC computers safer, thereby reducing vulnerability since there is no downloading of the app from third parties. Additionally, the apps available on the app store have undergone proper testing to ensure that they are free from suspicious programming. Less chances of PC infected with virus and other malware.
  • Repairing MAC iOS computers is very easy since all you have to do is bring your computer to a professional computer fixer in the apple store and let the genius bar take care of your needs.
  • MAC iOS computers are easy to use due to the operating system’s availability, known as the Apple OS X that offers an incredibly simple experience.
  • MAC iOS computer features a streamlined user interface that does not interfere with the functioning of the computer. This is to say, once you download and install the app, they are stored in a centralized app known as a Launchpad.
  • Comes with many free productivity applications- MAC iOS computer is preloaded with several apps for productivity; these apps include; pages, numbers and keynotes. It is also featured with creative professional apps like image manipulation and video editing.
  • Contains specialized and unique multitasking features- MAC iOS allows its users to organize all running apps according to their preference. This is due to the availability of multiple separate workspace features. Therefore switching between desktops is easier using a trackpad, mouse or dedicated shortcut keys.


Disadvantages of using MAC iOS computers

  • MacBook laptops and MAC iOS desktop computers are very expensive, and this reduces its market grip.
  • Mac computers have limited options for upgrading the software- this includes you cannot easily upgrade some of the hardware components such as the CPU or RAM because they are integrated at engineering levels. Additionally, upgrading and customization can reduce the computer’s lifespan because a component failure can cause the computer to fail operation, therefore requiring repair from apple tech support. This can be costly if you do not have a warranty.
  • Fewer game titles and absence of advanced game experience. Standard MacBook models such as the MacBook Pro, also known as the 12 inch MacBook and base models of iMac, are not built for gaming due to the limited RAM and availability of graphic processors.


Microsoft windows

Microsoft Windows has become the most popular operating system around the world with over 90% of computer owners using the OS. The main reason for this is mainly because Windows computers are relatively cheap and available in a wide variety.


Advantages of using Microsoft windows

  • Microsoft windows are so compatible in such a way that all applications work appropriately and in simple terms.
  • There is support for new hardware that works with the latest version of windows.
  • A huge selection of software is available for Windows, the reason being, Microsoft has dominated a large market for PC operating systems and office software.
  • With Microsoft windows, you can keep track of your old data even after installing the new Windows version.
  • Microsoft Windows has incredible and efficient computer set-up services that are easy to use and readily available. 
  • Microsoft windows hardware automatically detects plug and play features. The most amazing thing about this hardware is that there’s no need of installing it manually, but you can use it once you attach it, for example, webcam, keyboard, mouse and mobile phone.
  • The new Microsoft window is very efficient since it is made for both touch screen devices and desktop computers.


Disadvantages of using Microsoft windows

  • The security of Microsoft Windows is very poor; this means that in case you are using Microsoft software across the board, you will need to double the security. You don’t want your PC hacked and your information stolen.
  • Unfortunately, only Microsoft has access to its software source code.
  • Most window programmers like games, Photoshop, and download managers are not free; you have to pay to access them.
  • Windows support system is not available on the desktop; only large organizations can acquire great support systems. This means that if you are a common user, you have to search for a good forum to get your problem solved.
  • One requires a high RAM capacity, hard drive space and a good graphics card when installing the windows IOS.



From the two reviews, it is still hard to decide which OS is the best for a user until they can have a one on one interaction. However, it is important to keep in mind that computers are prone to breaking down. Therefore, always have a computer repairs contacts close just in case you need an emergency repair. ICT Asyst is a good example of a computer fixer near you that is capable of handling both your MAC and Microsoft computer issues.