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How safe is your computer?

We all like to access the internet using the computer. Whether it is work or entertainment, the internet is always a resourceful place. The only problem is, cybercriminals are making it hard for internet users to enjoy a good time online. That is because hackers are notorious for holding people’s computers for ransomware among other criminal reasons. If you are looking for the best way to keep your computer safe when surfing the internet you may want to consider doing the following.


1. Avoid unsafe websites

One of the easiest ways of getting hacked or PC infected by a virus is through accessing websites that are not safe. The good news is, you can always identify such websites if you are keen enough. Some browsers will create a notification when you are about to enter an unsafe website. On top of that, you can identify if a website is safe by confirming the address link. If it starts with HTTPS://, then you can trust the website. However, if there are no‘s’ and the address looks something like HTTP://, then you might want to take precautions.


2. Never share personal details with strangers

Some hackers are smart and before executing their mission. At first, they will act friendly and some will pretend to be employers. Since they are swift and operate smoothly, they can smartly get access to your details like name, identification number or SSN, address, and much more. Note that, your personal information can be used to create a fake account with your details then used to commit other cybercrime under your identity. Besides that, such hackers are interested in your banking details and they can use the same fake identity to access your bank and even withdraw cash.


3. Protect your computer

There are plenty of computer security programs. From antivirus applications to ones specialized to protect your computer from hackers, you can install as many as you wish. However, you need to make sure that you use the right program that is legit and proven to work. Note that, there are both free and paid computer security applications. Typically, paid services provide advanced protection and can keep your computer safer.


You may want to have an advanced protection system in place if you are running a company. That is because you have a lot of sensitive data that you need to protect. In some cases, you may need an IT specialist or company to keep watch over your system all the time. There are even companies that have their firewalls updated regularly to keep the hackers away.


4. Avoid clicking on links you are not sure with

Other than visiting risky websites, your computer can get hacked if you click on a link that promises to redirect you to a certain page then all of a sudden nothing happens. Before you realize it, you have granted the hacker full access to your computer. The hacking technique is known as phishing and it is one of the most used hacking strategies. That is because hackers find ways of hiding these links behind other websites. Or, they can send you a phishing link to your email and telling you that it opens a work platform or something like that. Always check links twice before clicking any link especially if you are not familiar with the website.


What can I do if my computer gets attacked?

Unless you have advanced IT skills and are capable of recovering your computer from hackers, the best way of recovering your computer if you get hacked is to find a professional PC Fixer. In Melbourne, many people prefer hiring computer repair companies to help them with recovering their computers from hackers. Also, working with computer repairs companies like ICT Asyst is much easier especially if you need to recover or maintain your security. That is because they have more resources and extensive computer repair solutions. A professional should also be able to diagnose your computer to identify if it has been hacked without your knowledge.

Besides getting hacked, having a trusted computer repair partner is vital and will go a long way to ensure that you are never left offline or without your computer for a long time. Besides software issues that you will experience when you get hacked, your computer can also develop hardware problems like the screen getting cracked or a failed hard disk. All these problems can be handled by a single fixer only if they are experienced and well equipped for the job.



Keeping your computer safe is important and should be done with a lot of seriousness because data has become the most valuable commodity. By keeping your computer safe, you are not only protecting yourself but also the people you interact with online and your activities.