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You can always go for a refurbished computer if your budget does not fit getting a brand new one. Before we can proceed, it is good to understand the difference between a refurbished computer and a used computer. A used computer is being sold at its current state without any enhancements. Refurbished computers on the other hand, are computers that have been used before and are being improved.

When buying a refurbished computer, always keep in mind that it has been used before. Therefore, you will need to check on the following;


1. Find out more about the seller

Refurbished computers are normally sold by computer repairs store that know how to change the parts before selling these devices. That means, there are reviews about the seller on social media which will go a long way to ensure that you make a sound decision. You don’t want to end up buying a computer only for it to fail at the first few hours of powering it up. More established refurbished computer sellers own websites where they sell these items directly. Some sellers use renowned online sale platforms like eBay and Amazon to sell these computers and you can always find out more about what they offer through customer reviews.


2. Inspect the computer

If you don’t understand how to inspect a computer then you can always get the company of a computer fixer that you trust when going to buy a refurbished computer. It is however important to make sure that you check on both the hardware and software status. Normally, you will want to start by checking the condition of the battery. A good seller will always replace an old battery with a new one. You will then want to power up the computer and check the software condition including other details about the computer. You can also confirm the RAM and internal storage size plus the version of operating systems that are compatible with it.


3. Warranty

To make sure that you are protected, you should buy your refurbished computer from a seller who guarantees you a refund or replacement in case the computer fails. Used computers are prone to develop problems since they have already been in use and you can never know how much life remains in a refurbished computer. The longer the warranty the better. Note that, a warranty on a refurbished computer is only valid if you are not the cause of the problem, directly or indirectly. It has to break down by itself and this is expected with most used computers.


4. Compare prices

It is a good idea to compare the prices of a brand new computer and compare it with how much you are expected to pay for the refurbished one. Failure to do this can see you buy a refurbished computer at almost the same price for which a brand new one is going. Other than that, knowing the price of a computer if is brand new allows you to find a better price and hold a better bargaining power if you want to buy the computer at even a much lesser price.


5. Confirm if there are upgrades

To make a good deal out of a refurbished computer, some sellers will go the extra mile to upgrade the RAM and hard disc as a way of improving a refurbished computer and increasing its value. While some sellers will want to charge you extra for the upgrades, others will want to maintain a fair price to make the customer happy. If there are no upgrades for your refurbished computer then the best idea is to make the upgrades.


Computer hard disks are one of the most affected by the time and usability of a computer. By upgrading the Hard Disk and other vital parts, you will be saving yourself from disappointments. A renewed computer that is sold without any hardware upgrades should be cheaper.


Bottom line

If purchased from an excellent seller, a refurbished computer should be as good as a new one. The main reason for refurbishing is to redeem an old computer by improving its hardware and software. Some of these used computers function perfectly and, some have lasted over five years with their new users. To perfectly understand the status of your refurbished computer in Melbourne, you should work with a local computer fixer, most probably an IT company like ICT Asyst or an individual expert.