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Business IT Solutions

How can you run a business and get on with your daily to-do things if constant Tech problems are troubling you and slowing you down?

Computers, Network and Technology are to drive your business forward with ease. but instead, if you find you IT System is a liability and stress you out more than working on papers and reliability is not one of the characteristics


Our Business IT Services & Solutions

ICT Asyst, we provide fast, same day, on site and remote IT Support for small business who needs Zero Drama Computer or Network Trouble shooting and Solutions.

Our technicians are highly Experienced in IT with years of knowledge and thousands of big and small projects in various needs and aspects. Specially we speak in simple language which you can understand and we always keep the cost and complexity as low as where it supposed to be.

IT is not a small role of a Small Business

This is why you shouldn't think IT as a small part or as a waste of money of your Small Business. We are in a stage where IT become a big role in any kind of and any size of business. It's not a time to do trial and error and follow how to do guides when solving IT issues as trouble shooting and whole system likely to backfire and do more harm in to your actual business.

Those kind of activities can harm your productivity, your business and worst your name. Get a small business IT support service can address and fix issues efficiently and doesn't break your bank.

Call today, if you need to run you IT System smoothly and If you need a professional advise regarding unstable or outdated computers, Virus or any other malicious software troubles, out dated tools and software or Internet or network troubles. We can help to get your business back in the track in no time.


This is how we can be a assist to your business

Our IT support for small business are specially focused on cost effective, scalable and stable IT systems for small businesses running in tight budgets and needs capacity to grow in time.

Our IT support personals are love to talk and fix IT troubles with clients over the phone, by email, remotely or in person on the site as suites the most to our clients.

We assist our clients all over Melbourne particularly in Melbourne South Eastern suburbs in urgent IT issues and regular ongoing management and maintenance of IT Systems.

We provide ad-hoc emergency and non emergency IT services as well as Managed IT solutions for clients as they preferred as same as we are specialise in IT Setups for startup business in all kind of manner including Hardware, Software and Networking and Consultation.

Why work with us?

Each business is different. Technology changes rapidly. economy fluctuates in seconds with predicted and unpredictable events effects to your business.

We are here to provide you the most reliable, safe and accurate and tailored specifically for your system and maintain it as your business grows and environment changes with the minimal budget and satisfying end result.

Be competitive in the business is challenging. It's crucial to be up-to-date, well organised and optimised to stay ahead from your competitors. If you believe you can do your business better than anyone but don't want to stress about your IT System and we are here to get than stress away from you and make sure It's at optimum level to serve it's purpose with out letting you down.

Our Business IT Services & Solutions

Virus & Spyware Removal

Computers on your network not performing as they should or doing something it’s not supposed to do?

Our technicians can eradicate the threat from virus, spyware, ransomware or any other malware causing those and put preventive measures in place to stop future threats.

Managed Services

Do you need to outsource your IT department to a team of experts? It’s same as managing own IT team but for a fraction of the cost managing in house IT team.

Data Security, Backup & Restore

Do you have any part of data and records crucial for your business, do you have a plan, what to do if your data lost or stolen? If you feel like it’s overlooked, this is the time to think fast and act before it’s too late.

Some of the Services we can offer

  • On-site & Off-site data backup
  • Cloud Backup storage solutions
  • System security audit

Website creation & maintenance

Do you need a website, hosted shop front, Content Management System or any other web-based application to cope up with your requirements?

Web Services we can provide

  • Web Hosting
  • Domain Hosting
  • Email Hosting
  • Website Design
  • Web Application & Solutions
  • CRM / ERM

Server Installation, Upgrade or Migration

We can manage, upgrade or migrate your existing computer network or install a new network for your business and also we can assist you with virtual servers.

Our techs can work in any environment with any brand of servers, routers, switches and cabling serve on Windows or Linux operating systems.

IT Consultancy

If you don’t want to waste your money on wrong IT-related decisions and experiments as a small business owner call us for IT Consultancy service. It won’t just save your Dollars, it will save your time and stress too.

Some of our expertise we can offer

  • Data storage & backup
  • New system planning, modelling, implementation and maintenance
  • System security
  • Disaster recovery
  • System security
  • Cloud & managed IT solutions
  • Visual & Non-visual communication options
  • Your computers don’t work as it supposed to work? Hardware problems, software problems or doesn’t have any idea what’s wrong with it?

    Call Ictasyst, we can troubleshoot your computer problems on-site or remotely as suites you.

Hardware Troubleshoot & Repair

Got faulty computers or network devices? We can diagnose the problem and repair or replace parts or accessories on the spot if necessary.

Cloud Services

We can assist migrating all or some part of your daily IT Services to cloud for a better, faster and secure experience for your staff and clients.

  • Microsoft Office 365 / Google Business / Amazon AWS
  • Data Storage / Backup
  • Communications
  • Other Business Specific Applications

Consider Cloud services for Scalability, Security, Reduced cost of initial setup and development, Accessibility advantages.

Email, Internet, Network & WiFi

When it comes into business emails, it’s not just one email you can use without backup, archive and mobility.

Does your email cover this checklist to become a professional email?

  1. Brand Name
    • Professional Businesses communicate with their customers in business emails with their own brand. It helps your business in several ways.
  2. Customer Service
  3. Professional Response
    • ensure that these customers served quickly and professional manner to build up your brand recognition.
  4. Security
    • Business email services come with additional security options. A business data breach can kill your business instantly.
  5. Spam Quality
    • If your business name, website domain and email address don’t match, your email communication in a high-risk getting flagged as a spam mail. even if it’s a legitimate communication.
  6. Effective archiving strategy
    • Do you know, you must keep your business emails for seven years for compliance purposes?

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Essential IT Services for Small Businesses

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Essential IT services for small Businesses Running a successful business today requires technological integration. Regardless of the type of product or service that you are providing, technology will go a long way to improve your business and its operations. Usually,...