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Technology has indeed become a critical aspect in the modern and future world. From agriculture to education, technology is being used to solve some of the most challenging problems in the world. Today, looking for a decent job requires you to be computer literate.

Although you may not be able to learn everything about computers, you need basic knowledge about computers to become employable. Note that, computer technology is wide that even the best techies in the world cannot know everything that there is to know about computers. Nevertheless, there are new computer innovations that come up every day from all over the world.

If you are looking for a job and you don’t have the following computer skills, your chances of getting hired can lessen.

1. Maintaining a computer

One of the first things that you should know about computers is how to take care of one. That is because you are most likely to use one at work. For your computer to be useful, it needs to be in good condition. From getting rid of junk files to ensuring that everything is updated, you should know what it takes to have a good-performing computer. Regular servicing of your computer is also very important and this is something that you can do or find a PC desktop repairs to help you out.

Without taking care of your computer, you can easily get your PC hacked since cybercriminals find it much easy to access computers that are not maintained properly. Their hacker’s work is made even easier if you fail to update your programs. Proper computer maintenance also means using it properly when turning it on or off using the recommended procedure. You should ensure that your computer is stored in the right environment and away from physical damage or contact with any liquids.

1.Microsoft office

There are high chances that you will be using Microsoft word over 60% of the time that you will be working. You will hardly come across a computer that does not have this program. That is because, it contains other vital programs like Microsoft Word, Ms. Excel, Ms. Publisher, and PowerPoint, and so on. To be marketable in the job industry, you should know how to work with at least one of these programs depending on the kind of job that you are searching for. If you are a writer, for example, you should be well conversant with Ms. Word. If your work involves creating presentations, PowerPoint should be your tool of interest. Note that, every program found in Ms. Office is used to solve a certain problem including mathematical calculations that can be done using excel.

2. How to use the internet

As much as the internet is readily available today, not everyone can use it more so those who don’t understand how it works. There are a lot of things that rely on the internet. For example, if you get employed by a firm that requires regular report submissions, high chances are you going to do it online. Other than sending emails, the internet has many uses and, it is one of the factors that are needed to complete a computer. Although many jobs will take you through training before you can work, you must learn about the internet because there are also risks associated with using the internet.

First of all, careless use of the internet can get your PC infected with viruses which can kill your computer. On the same note, hackers can easily gain access to your computer and steal vital information, and in worse cases, introduce ransomware and ask you to pay them to return your computer. The best way to learn about the internet is through researching or finding someone to teach you the basics.

Why is it vital to have basic computer skills?

Someone with basic computer skills is more hireable because it allows them to understand what they need to do much faster. You don’t expect your employer to train you to use Ms. Word when you applied for a writing job. Nevertheless, most of the work done using computers revolve around the three basic skills.

Bottom line

As much as you can learn how to use and maintain a computer, there are some situations where you will need to call in an expat like ICT Asyst to help out. For example, when you need hardware repairs, replacements, or if you need to use a particular system that requires technical integrations. As for software issues, you should know how to troubleshoot and apply solutions but, you will need to call for help if the problem is beyond your skills.