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We live in a time when at least every home has a computer. While these devices have become the new norm, we sometimes handle them the wrong way. From usage to keeping your computer when not in use, very many people break the law and that means a short lifetime for your beloved device. Besides, no one is happy to spend money on PC repairs for a problem that could have been avoided. There are thousands of computers in Melbourne and quite a good number of them end up in PC and laptop repair shops and this is why;


1.      Downloading & installing infected programs

When it reaches a point where one needs to buy a program or games and sometimes music, many people opt to get the free version from various download sites like Torrent. As we all know, a platform like this is a high risk not only because you will find a cracked program for free use but because cybercriminals can trace your IP address, hack your computer and use your details to perform other online crimes. Nevertheless, one can easily download a virus-infected file which can be fatal. If you have ever gotten your PC hacked then you already understand the risks, cost, and frustration that it can cause. Downloading files to your computer can also give hackers easy access to your computer and even hold it for ransomware.


2.      Accessing public internet connection without precautions

We all get excited when we read a Free WiFi notice on hotel entrances and other public places. What many people don’t know is that a hacker is capable of accessing your computer if he or she is sharing the same network as you. Because you are already in the same network, it is much easier for them to gain access to your device and do whatever damage they wish. If you have sensitive accounts like an e-wallet or bank account details without a two-way verification, a hacker can easily siphon money from your accounts within a very short time. If you have to access the internet using public internet connections, make sure that you have properly protected your vital information especially with two-way verification authorization.


3.      Taking computers to the wrong PC and computer repairs

Sometimes it is inevitable that you have to take your computer to the repair shops for whatever reason. While dozens of experts can help you with your repairs, some are out to salvage parts from your computer to sell for profit. This is something that has happened to many people especially those that are not keen or trust the repairer too much. Unless you seek the services of a professional, you can be taking your computer to the ultimate death. Companies like ICT Asyst for example have been able to provide reliable and quality computer repair services and more. The only way to find the best PC and laptop repair services in Melbourne is by searching online and taking note of reviews for the various companies.


4.      Failing to update the operating system

There is a reason why operating systems keep getting updated and one of them is to update the security certificates. Note that, failure to update your system makes it to be outdated. In many cases, a weakness has been identified and the update is meant to take care of the problem. By not updating your programs and operating system, you are inviting a real threat that can cost you more than you think. It is also good to know that updating your computer does not only protect you but, gives users an improved user experience. Of course, many people in Melbourne avoid updates and some even say that it is not necessary provided that what is available is still working perfectly.


5.      Using computers in unfavourable environments

We all know that computers tend to heat up when being used. That is why they are designed with cooling fans. However, some people fail to understand this and end up keeping and using their computers in the wrong places. Having the CPU of your computer stored in a stuffy place with no proper airflow can be risky. That is because, once the CPU is heated, it will not be as efficient ait should be. The same applies to people who use their laptops on top of fluffy surfaces like pillows and end up blocking the air ventilation. While heating is not the worst thing that can happen to your computer, it will not be able to perform. Additionally, exposing your computer to such unfavourable conditions can quickly send you to a PC and laptop repair shop in the, not so very long term. That is because it shortens the lifetime of your computer.


Bottom line

Whether you require computer repairs Melbourne eastern suburbs services or you are looking for one in Dandenong, you must find the right person for the job. You can however avoid all this if you avoid the discussed points. Protecting your computer at all times is important because you have valuable information and data in there. By protecting your computer from physical and software damage, you will enjoy using it for a long time that you will have a close personal relationship with your computer.