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Onsite & Remote IT Support for Melbourne & South Eastern Suburbs

In any business, downtime in the IT infrastructure can result in a massive loss in employee’s productivity which in turn can affect daily revenue.

 Businesses of any size can experience the same fate due to inefficient IT infrastructure management.  

Let us worry about your IT services, we’ll give your time and peace of mind back. 

Computer Repairs & IT Support: Our skilled and experienced technicians can visit your home or business to fix your PC, Laptop, Mac or your network.

Business IT Support

Managing the IT Infrastructure can be tricky, and businesses need the right IT support.
With the number of specialists out there, ICT Asyst stands out from the competition.
We provide responsive and high quality IT support in Melbourne and other surrounding areas. We have the quickest response time, saving the business some cash and reducing more hassles.

Managed IT Services

Serving the ever-changing industry for years now, we are an expert IT support in Melbourne CBD and South Eastern Suburbs.
Our full variety of solutions adapt to match small or large businesses. We are capable of taking care of your specic needs and requirements. Not only can we minimize unnecessary costs, but we can also lessen the hassle of IT infrastructure management.

Computer Repairs

Our tech experts can help you with anything technical from your mobile phone to sophisticated servers, with removing viruses to setting up wireless networks, printers and anything that comes with. 
No FIX, No Pay! that’s how we do it.
If you experience any issues with the works carried out we will send the technician out on the next available appointment free of charge to x it for you.

We are available when you really needed!

  • Weekdays: 9 am – 7 pm
  • Saturday: 10 am – 6 pm
  • Sunday: by appointments only

Phone systems for small business

  • One number, multiple lines
  • Number of extensions of your preference.
  • 1300 or 13 numbers.
  • Reduce call cost up to 50% of your current phone bill.
  • Multiple geographical locations with the same phone system.
    Sounds like a good idea for fixed monthly Fee?

Computer Hardware supply and install

We can bring computer and network hardware (Brand new or Used) to your premises and set it up for you.
Some of most popular devices

SSD - Solid State Drive

Nearly 100 times faster than a traditional HDD. SSD is more reliable than HDD

Memory (RAM)

RAM upgrades are thought to speed up a computer

Wireless Access points (WiFi)

WiFi – in to Wireless Network

Better NBN routers

better wi coverage, stable internet connection

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Some of our computer repair and IT support service areas

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